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At CSAT we have a wide range of online hosting and communications options--plus the right security solutions to protect your valuable date. Based on a full assessment of your systems, all our solutions are tailored to fit the unique needs of your organization… and your budget.


Services Offered:

  • Web hosting

    CSAT provides low cost web hosting solutions without compromising quality. In order to provide our customers with secure and reliable web hosting, we have chosen a 1st Class Collocation facility to operate from. Whether you want to run a personal website or a business site requiring more functionality, we can accommodate all your needs using Linux or Windows servers.

  • E-mail hosting

    Put your e-mail address to work for you! Send e-mail branded with your web site address, like

    Get professional email hosting for your domain name instead of using free email service providers. You can register a domain name through CSAT and have email service through the registered domain name. You can access your email, contacts and more from any internet ready device with IMAP, POP3 and webmail.

  • Offsite backups

    CSAT automated backup service uses your Internet connection to perform daily backups of your crucial files, folders and mail database systems. The data is sent to a secure off-site server where it is stored using the latest encryption. Should the unthinkable happen, you can restore the data yourself - quickly and easily.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Data backup is one of the most important parts of IT management and without it, you are vulnerable to losing your entire customer base and product line. Server systems today are getting more and more reliable but there are no 100% guarantees. If you compare it to driving your car, you know how to drive but that does not guarantee that nothing will happen to you car and therefore you have insurance. Data backup is the insurance of Servers.

    It is important to note the differences in backup systems and procedures, similar to the difference types of insurance out there. Most backup systems by default will only backup what you select (normally just your data files) but do not include the operating system or applications. To include these options, you need disaster recovery modules which can be expensive.

    CSAT offers a disaster recovery solution that will guarantee a short turn around time ensuring that productivity is not lost. By using the latest technology and hardware, CSAT can create live snapshots of your system, including your data if you wish, to removable devices allowing offsite storage in case of emergencies. This technology is available for all Microsoft operating systems including workstations, PC’s and servers and can be performed as often or as little as required.

    An example of a disaster would be if your server software failed and crashed (blue screen) or did not even start.

    To rebuild the operating system, load all the drivers and updates, patches and security releases, reinstall all the applications and then restore your data from you backup would take an average of 8-12 hours of lost time, lost productivity and expensive consultant fees. Using our disaster recovery system, your systems are restored to exactly as they were from the last live snapshot and then you only need to add any changed data from your data backup, an average timeframe of only 1 hour giving roughly 10 hours cost saving.

Key questions to choosing the right IT support partner:

"Are you concerned with your data security?"

"Are you systems costing you more money that they should?"

"How much time is lost due to equipment and/or software failure?"

"Where is your data backed up to?"

"How quickly and easily can I restore it?"

"Why does my current support company always send a tech who doesn't know my system?"

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When your systems are down or offline, you're not maximizing your operating efficiency. That's why at CSAT, we are committed to keeping our clients' systems up and running at peak capacity 24 / 7. Just one quick call and we'll have one of our fully trained, service professionals at your location within 4 hours to get you up to full efficiency. Count on us to deliver when you need our help most!


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