Is your computer information really secure?

Are your confidential records truly confidential?

Is your protection up-to-date?

Can you really be sure?

IT security is a critical area that is often neglected by companies until it is too late. Many companies feel that their computer systems are sufficiently secure without knowing what is fully required.

However, in today’s advanced technological society there is an ever-increasing opportunity for unauthorised users to access the information stored on your computer. By undertaking Security Testing, Computer Security And Technology assesses your computer network, detects any weakness present and provides you with secure solutions to protect your valuable data and give you added peace of mind.

Why do I need Security Testing?

Although most companies have security measures in place, such as firewall’s and Antivirus, often their systems are still vulnerable to security breaches. Security Testing allows your company to take a more proactive approach in protecting your system. By carrying out regular Security testing, Computer Security And Technology will be able to:

  • provide you with 3rd party verification of your computer security
  • detect new vulnerabilities in a timely manner
  • highlight vulnerabilities introduced by change
  • recommend countermeasures


Services Offered:

  • Security Breach / Testing

    This option incorporates the reviewing of servers and workstations on the corporate network for correct levels of network & file access, software, operating system patch’s, Antivirus, spam and ad blocking programs. This review will generate a report that can be used for a PC maintenance schedule showing the level of security on the computer and which software is installed. The report shows what levels the software should be at, which applications are considered a risk and what, if any, programs are out of date.

    The results ascertained from Security Testing can be used to perform a Server Hardening or Computer Maintenance in order to rectify any inconsistencies discovered.

    This information, when used with a monthly preventative maintenance package will help troubleshoot any problems and help reduce the cost of emergency computer support.

  • Systems Review & Audit

    A Server Review is an appraisal of your network server system. It incorporates auditing and recommendations for each of the following:

    User accounts,
    File and print sharers,
    Installed applications and services,
    Server/domain policy,
    Server security and log examination,
    Software levels, and
    Required software.

    Where appropriate, Web, email and proxy servers will be checked for correct versions and configuration of Antivirus, spam and content filtering software.

  • Systems Hardening

    Weaknesses and vulnerabilities that exist on your servers are potential hazards that can give access and control permissions, connected with critical information, to the wrong people. These “open doors” could be shut if companies knew where they were. However an intruder might discover one of these doors before you do.

    Server Hardening is a means by which a server on the system is “bolted-down” to make it as impregnable as possible. However, while achieving an impregnable system is important it is imperative to maintain a balance between operational convenience for the users and a secure system.

  • Intrusion Detection

    A Vulnerability test is one of the methods used in order to review your computer infrastructure for known weaknesses. This test is carried out by utilising the latest security system applications and methodologies. We will examine for the latest known vulnerabilities, software updates, security bugs and misconfigurations. Your infrastructure will be examined using the latest “best of breed” applications as well as in-house procedures and methodologies built from our experience and expertise in performing these services.

    This review is a quick, non-intrusive method of determining possible exposure to your perimeter defences without causing any interruptions to the services or infrastructure.

  • Penetration Testing

    A Penetration test is another method used to examine your computer infrastructure for known weaknesses. This test expands on the procedures used in a Vulnerability test and includes Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Our experienced technicians will use unconventional tools and techniques similar to those used by hackers in an attempt to circumvent the security measures of your computer system. This test, through the use of “ethical hacking” techniques, is an in-depth and thorough method of identifying possible exposures and risk.

    This procedure uses the same applications as the vulnerability test as well as some more intrusive security programs; however, all programs in this test include DoS tests which can cause some systems to fail. We will check for known weaknesses which would allow an attacker to gain access to the system or network, but will also check to see if the system is susceptible to DoS attacks which could make the server inoperable to normal services.

  • Virus, Spam & Spyware

    Many people feel that computer viruses are generally directed at larger corporations or government agencies. While this is true some of the time, there are also many computer viruses that regularly seek to compromise your systems. Random computers across the internet are scanned dozens of times every day, checking for anything from its presence, to its vulnerabilities. Only the ones that have the appropriate safeguards in place can remain virus and hacker-free.

Key questions to choosing the right IT support partner:

"Are you concerned with your data security?"

"Are you systems costing you more money that they should?"

"How much time is lost due to equipment and/or software failure?"

"Where is your data backed up to?"

"How quickly and easily can I restore it?"

"Why does my current support company always send a tech who doesn't know my system?"

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